The small business community has been being teased for a few years now with the prospects of crowdfunding. It just left the gate.

Crowdfunding for Raising Capital Is Out of the Gate!
The passing of the JOBS Act in April sprouted 8,000+ websites. Unfortunately, they are like a horse waiting to get out of the gate and nobody is ready to press the button. Nobody is even near pressing the button.

Until NOW! — And they're OFF!

Lending Clouds, Inc., a Richmond, VA based online Crowdfunding website is up and operational and it is perfectly legal too. Unlike equity funding which the SEC considers to be a security that must be registered, royalty-based agreements like the one offered by Lending Clouds is total exempt from being a security.

The concept is as old as gas and oil when the SEC exempted their royalty agreements in the 30's.

Check out LendingClouds if you are a business or check out InvestingClouds if you are an investor.