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Crowdfunding delays, SEC silence spark hostility on Capitol Hill

There’s another kind of fraud, and that’s when Congress and the president pass and sign a law, and thousands of companies organize according to the principles in that law... but academics and people in consumer groups who disagree with the law make it their mission to prevent the law from going into effect,” said Gregory Simon, chief executive of Poliwogg, a firm that’s building a crowdfunding portal for start-ups in sectors like healthcare and clean energy.

SEC official: No timetable for equity crowdfunding rules; JOBS Act passed a year ago - Jacksonville Business Journal

If you're hoping to raise capital for your business by selling small stakes to investors over the Internet, you better be patient -- there's no telling when this form of crowdfunding will become a reality.

When asked whether another year could pass without any crowdfunding regulations, Blass dodged the question.
David Blass is chief counsel for the SEC's division of trading and markets.


JOBS Act, One Year Later: Hang Tight, Equity Crowdfunding Is Coming

"The crowdfunding industry is frustrated that the Securities and Exchange Commission has not yet finalized rules that will potentially turbocharge the industry. But it is also cautiously optimistic..."

Bloggers' Note. Are you starting to sense some that the reality of the situation is that no one has a clue?


Although regulations permitting equity crowdfunding are months away, now is the time for investors and start-ups to prepare for equity crowdfunding, according to Sherwood Neiss, co-author of the new book  “Crowdfund Investing for Dummies. ”  “I think the book’s timing is perfect,” said  Neiss said. “This gives entrepreneurs ample time to read and prepare.”

A. Brian Dengler's new article is up on the Crowdfunding Professional Association site.

Understanding Sarbanes–Oxley: Implications For Crowdfunding | Crowdfunding Guide

"People once invested in a business through Direct Public Offering. Then came the IPO, next, dirty deals and graft. Finally SOX was implemented, but now the crowd wants back in."

Crowdfunding Soared to $2.7 Billion in 2012, But Equity Funding Is Still On Ice | TIME.com

"Asking strangers for money has never seemed cooler. With stars like Kirsten Bell and Charlie Kaufman attaching their names to successful crowdfunding projects, the stigma of soliciting donations online has largely been eliminated."

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Our Latest Crowdfunding Industry Report Just Days Away - Crowdsourcing.org

"It's been a wild year for crowdfunding, both in the United States and worldwide. The JOBS Act turns 1 year old this week, and although we don't yet have an equity framework for crowdfunding in place yet, that doesn't mean there hasn't been plenty of global growth in the crowdfunding industry."

How Hedge Funds Are Slowing JOBS Act Rules for Small Businesses

The SEC could sidestep worries about hedge funds advertising by using small businesses as a test case (How Hedge Funds Are Slowing JOBS Act Rules for Small Businesses - Businessweek: How Hedge Funds Are Slowing JO...

Crowdfunding vs. VC: Is there a win-win?

There's been all sorts of overheated rhetoric about whether crowdfunding will crowd out venture capitalists. But the debate misses some big points, argues Roger Ehrenberg, a founder of IA Ventures. (Crowdfunding vs.

This year, at the 2nd Annual Crowdfunding Conference and Bootcamp, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R -NC) will be awarded the Crowdfunding Visionary Award™ for his work on the JOBS Act. The Bill Congressman McHenry introduced to near-unanimous support in the House became part of the foundation for the JOBS Act which was passed by Congress and signed into law last April 5th 2012 by President Obama.

McHenry says he’s fed up with the pattern of entrepreneurs being forced to finance their projects through their own lines of credit, sometimes backed by the value of their homes. He sees two problems with this way of doing things: First, it can be difficult to get credit, and second, the value of many homes tanked during the financial crisis of 2007-2008, making mortgage-backed financing a much weaker option for capital-seeking entrepreneurs. Read More Here

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the signing of the JOBS Act, many people still are eagerly awaiting the arrival of one key component of the law — equity crowdfunding.

The JOBS Act introduced new rules that will allow individuals to invest directly in closely held ventures. Traditionally, the US has only allowed “accredited investors” with more than $1 million in assets to buy equity in private firms. Equity crowdfunding would allow anyone to invest money into companies and projects. But before regular smaller investors can jump into the game, the Securities and Exchange Commission must first sort out the details of the new rules.

Supporters of equity crowdfunding are touting it as a way to quickly and easily raise money for smaller projects that might not get attention from big backers. Others are suggesting that crowdfunding could support things such as clean energy projectslocal civic projects, or DNA sequencing research.

EarlyShares is equity crowdfunding for businesses

By now, you’ve heard of Kickstarter.com and probably scrolled through the massive number of insanely creative art projects, tech innovations, startup ideas, and gotten inspired to kick over a few dollars in the hopes that the project meets its funding goals so it becomes a reality and you get your hoverboard in 2013, which is critical to society, given that Back to the Future promised them by 2015. Crowdfunding has become a popular alternative to traditional banking, but what about crowdfunding for real businesses that already exist or have a business plan or a real promise of actually making it to market? How do you invest in or find investors to crowdfund business?


Interesting Comments on the SEC public commenting form.


The SEC allows the public to comment on regulatory initiatives on the SEC.gov website for equity crowdfunding and other initiatives. The system works well, the public has generously provided plenty of positive feedback and creative ideas to get equity crowdfunding off the ground.

With the progress of the SEC a tad slow, there of course brings quite a few folks that find it necessary to provide less the positive and mostly negative comments to the SEC on their progress with implementing the JOBS act regulatory initiatives.


Silicon Valley Crowdfund Conference & Expo - April 4th-5th, 2013 to Be Held at Sheraton Hotel in Heart of Silicon Valley Near Stanford University and VC's Famous Sand Hill Road.

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Got an Idea or have a Startup? Finance it with Crowdfunding. Silicon Valley Conference and EXPO, which is held on April 4, 5 -- the first anniversary of the JOBS Act signed by President Obama -- will bring together traditional private investors and those who employ the power of the Internet and social media for fundraising. Silicon Valley Crowdfund provides the participants with the unique opportunity to discuss the current state of the industry, to learn from experts in venture capital, business angels and crowdfunding fields, to network, and find new partnerships.

The conference program includes keynote speeches delivered by Timothy C. Draper and Douglas S. Ellenoff, emceed by Howard Leonhardt on behalf of Startup California, Five panel discussions, an experts round-table, startup workshop and a pitch competition. The participants will hear from more than twenty panelists representing rewards and equity crowdfunding portals from United States, Europe and Latin America, lawyers, business angels and entrepreneurs who have successfully raised money through crowdfunding.

The 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp will host the first ever Crowdfunding Expo Showcase™ booth. As a part of a continuous loop to the entire convention, Crowdfunders & Entrepreneurs can stream their video pitch to everyone in attendance. 

The 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp will offer a very special opportunity to Crowdfunders & Entrepreneurs this year. The event will host the first ever Crowdfunding Expo Showcase™ booth where entrepreneurs can show off their crowdfunding pitch videos to everyone in attendance by "crowdsharing a booth". Crowdfundingroadmap™ is offering people who are planning on running a crowdfunding campaign after Oct 16th 2013 and beyond a special "Pitch Package" to help generate buzz about their up and coming crowdfunding campaign.

“We will stream your campaign video as a part of a continuous loop to the entire convention over the course of three days, and also after on our website. As producers of the largest crowdfunding event in the world in 2012 we can get your campaign business excellent exposure to attract influence makers, investors, donors, fans, and followers long before your campaign starts and help you on your path to success,” stated Ruth Hedges, CEO of Funding Roadmap and the creator of the conference.