Crowdfunding Expands Access To Capital For Women, Minority Entrepreneurs

"Crowdfunding Expands Access To Capital For Women, Minority Entrepreneurs Huffington Post The growing popularity of crowdfunding has created a new fundraising mechanism for women and minority entrepreneurs, groups that have at times felt ostracized..."

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council Laments the SEC's Blockade of Crowdfunding Capital Access Opportunities

Among other changes to outdated securities laws, the JOBS Act makes debt and equity-based crowdfunding legal. In late February, SBE Council led a daylong series of briefings in Washington to update White House"

New World of Crowdfunding Waits as SEC Struggles to Complete its Job

"Equity crowdfunding is supposed to help entrepreneurs overcome those hurdles. While crowdfunding has been around for a few years, before the JOBS Act it was limited to companies, individuals, or organizations making a ..."

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