Realizing that crowdfunding only works if you have a crowd, Universal Media Consultants is now offering a special crowdfund advertising solution.

It seems that crowdfunding sites, and in particular crowdfunding websites, are popping up faster than Starbucks’ stores at the height of their expansion. One glaring difference is that in the case of Starbucks, if was safe to apply the old adage of “build it and they will come”. As many crowdfunders are finding out, one can’t simply submit a product to sites like Kickstarter or Rockethub and expect to automatically fund the project. crowdfunding only works when there's a crowd. Universal Media Consultants is now offering a special crowdfund advertising solution designed to spread the word to the general public, as well as targeted individuals, that your product is available for crowdfunding.

Until recently, crowdfunding was only used in reference to “products”. However, the JOBS Act, signed into law April 5th, 2012 by President Obama allows businesses (Issuers) to raise small dollar amounts from many investors (the crowd) though registered websites, called funding portals, in return for securities.

The JOBS Act is going to open the floodgates to a new form of crowdfunding called, “equity crowdfunding” and it’s going to spawn a huge new market as soon as the SEC promulgates rules. The result will forge an entirely new type of investing. A traditional, small group of angel investors or VCs will be replaced by a large, chatty, far-flung and anonymous social blob, many of whom would post a comment publicly sooner than they could pick up the phone – visible to the public, the press, and of course, other potential investors. But of course whether using “tradition” crowdfunding to fund a product, or “equity” crowdfunding to raise funds for a small business, there must be a crowd to fund the project. No crowd; no money.

Having a product, or company, limited to subscribers of Kickstarter, Rockethub or any of the other multiple crowdfunding platforms out there, is more than likely going to limit funding. Crowdfunders should be telling the world that the product (or company) is now listed on a crowdfunding platform and is now available and accepting funds. Be proactive; help sell yourself. Fortunately, for most “creative types” (typically the type who crowdfund) who are not comfortable with marketing themselves and would rather simply stick to what they are good at, there are various targeted marketing and advertising companies who will do the job for them.
Universal Media Consultants understands that sometimes all that is needed is a little help to be able to achieve big results—that is why UMC is now offering a short-term publicity campaign that helps achieve targeted coverage on a budget. UMC will build a pitch that meets the business goals of attracting investor attention, closing that big customer and generating overall buzz. 

About Universal Media Consultants

As a leader in the public relations and investor relations space, Universal Media Consultants positions crowdfunding projects like no other firm. We'll build a pitch for the project that meets your business goals (attracting investor attention, closing that big customer, and generating overall buzz). Then UMC will work off its media database and build a custom media list of targeted media contacts that your story will be pitched to. In addition, by using the company’s extensive resources, we’ll insure that your pitch spreads over the internet. It's not uncommon for our client's pitches to end up on 10,000 to 20,000 websites and 2,000 to 5,000 blogs.

Universal Media Consultants has the knowledge and the experience to generate a media buzz by placing your crowdfunding project in the public eye. For more information, visit Universal Media Consultants or Equity Crowdfunding Daily

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